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Telefonica Ecuador launches push-to-talk communication technology for enterprise

The service is being offered for the first time in the country starting this month and will initially be used with a wide variety of smartphones, functions through the use of 3G and 4G LTE networks…  Continues >

Telefónica launches push-to-talk communication technology for enterprise

The service will be available nationwide beginning this month. It will initially be used with smartphones and work through the use of 3G, 4G LTE, and Wi-Fi networks.…  Continues >

Nextel International and Telefonica to interconnect their Push-to-Talk networks in Mexico

Nextel México announced yesterday that has accepted a request from Telefonica—marketed under the Movistar brand—to interconnect Nextel's network. This interconnection will be between…  Continues >

Telefonica Ecuador launches Unlimited Push-to-Talk International

Moviltalk, Telefonica's push-to-talk service, launches Unlimited International Long Distance with Argentina and Colombia. The service works the same way it does on a domestic call. Contacts from Argentina and Colombia can…  Continues >

Telefonica Ecuador launches Push-to-Talk Campaign, debuts new slogan

Moviltalk, Telefonica's push-to-talk service, launches a new campaign. The new campaign debuts a new slogan: Listo, hablé! (rough English equivalent: Said and done!) and shows the…  Continues >

Push to Talk grows in Latin America

With most of its subscribers concentrated in a few countries and only two players, PTT shows good signs on key metrics, giving carriers the opportunity to offer a VAS to increase ARPU and reduce churn—two very desirable KPIs that carriers strive to…  Continues >

Telefonica's Movistar Total: it's Mobile, it's a Land Line, it's Push-to-Talk and it's Internet

Telefonica Mexico launched a new campaign to promote its recently announced four-in-one service: Movistar Total. The new campaign includes…  Continues >

Telefonica Offers four-in-one service, Movistar Total, includes unlimited Push-to-Talk

Telefónica México launched a new plan that includes a four-in-one service, named Movistar Total. México is the first country to offer a four-in-one service. The new service was announced by…  Continues >