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Bruce Lawler Provides a Kodiak Update at IWCE 2017

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In a recent video interview by Donny Jackson at IWCE 2017, Bruce Lawler, Kodiak chief product officer and co-founder, responds to questions about company’s carrier-integrated push-to-talk (PTT) over cellular (PoC) solution is being used in a rural areas, new partners, and what makes Kodiak PTT different.

Bruce Lawler of Kodiak in IWCE 2017 interviewDonny led off the interview by pointing out that while carrier-integrated PTT has shown success in fairly densly populated areas, he wondered about success with PoC in rural areas. Bruce referenced the presentation at IWCE 2017 by Blaine Bertrand from Randall County, Texas as a great example about how carrier-integrated PoC is being used in this rural Texas panhandle area, known for its cattle ranching and as a popular recreational destination. The County uses Kodiak-based LMR Interop to expand the range and capacity of the public safety LMR network with PoC. A particular proof point for the value of LMR interop with PoC, even where radio coverage and cell coverage don't overlap completely, is its use in urgent rescue effots. Even with extra LMR radios on hand for rescues, for an all-out effort such as to find a lost camper in the canyons - in this case a lost autistic child who was found in time - Randall County is able to use PoC to provide inclusive communications for the large number of volunteers brought on as part of an urgent grid search. 

In response to Donny's question about new partners, Bruce responded that as part of taking broadband PTT to more places, in addition to working with rugged device and accessory partners, Kodiak is moving into applications. Demonstrations in the Kodiak booth include partner West Safety Services integrating PTT into their Enterprise Aware platform, a situation awareness platform for an incident commander to bring in all sorts of data feeds and act upon them. With Kodiak PTT integrated into the West web application, you can see presence of individuals and immediately push to talk to one or a group of people. Because the app and PTT are interoperable in the carrier cloud where we also have our interoperability gateway, the West console can actually patch together LMR radios and broadband PTT users, without having separate hardware on site. 

Application partner Actsoft also has a demonstration in the Kodiak booth, showing instant communication via PTT directly from within their mobile workforce management application. This mobile integration enables Actsoft users in the field to make a PTT call from their online forms or instructions, where the PTT button is contextually set to call an individual or group specifically relevant to that form. So the user knows who to reach and can reach them immediately.

The interview wrap up was the big question of what people should know about Kodiak PTT. Bruce said that since Kodiak was founded in 2003 it has done two things that were very differently: we only sell through the wireless operator, the carrier, and we're standards based from the beginning of the company. "We knew that to deliver the kind of service the LMR user is going to expect, the application and the network must be tightly integrated. The only person who can do that is the wireless carrier, so we made that our business model. We also learned lessons from P25 and the standards before that, that if we didn't support an open standard and aggressively build to it, then we wouldn't get the kind of broad adoption that we see. And so when you at solutions like FirstNet, which are carrier integrated, which are MCPTT standard compliant, we're in a great position for that because the standard that we helped to develop and and have implemented starting in 2010 is now the application part of the MCPTT standard that's controlled by 3GPP. We're very pleased that the industry is very much aligning around a strategic apporach that we started implementing 14 years ago."

Watch the full video interview: http://urgentcomm.com/long-term-evolution/kodiak-bruce-lawler-highlights-rural-deployment-application-integrations-mcptt-f 

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