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Chicago-Area Company Gets Great Results with AT&T Mobile Business Solutions

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Per this case study from AT&T, Chicago-area Arctic Snow and Ice Control wanted to instantly communicate with and manage hundreds of workers and vehicles during busy snow seasons. It found the ideal solution from AT&T Mobile Business Solutions - a combination of rugged smartphones with Enhanced Push-to-Talk (EPTT), integrated with Actsoft mobile workforce management, and pdvConnect pro mobility applications all running on the AT&T wireless network.

Chicago-areaThe company is quite pleased with the results. Rick Bell, General Manager reports that "AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk blew me away by its clarity. It is unbelievable how clear it is and how reliable it’s been." With the services bundle including EPTT, location tracking, mobile forms, photo messaging, and accurate reporting, Arctic Snow has found it quicker and easier to assign jobs, track job progress, and communicate with customers and employees.

In addition to accomplishing its communication and management objectives, Arctic Snow also reduced costs each season, improved productivity, helped to reduce disputes, and improve customer relations. 

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