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AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk helps schools safely transport students

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We just wanted to share this story about how broadband push-to-talk (PTT) is helping real customers solve real needs in the field. This AT&T article shares that in Cobb County, the nation's 24th largest school district, more than 1,100 school buses log 65,000 miles each day transporting students to and from classes and school-sponsored activities. AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk (EPTT) service allows dispatchers to safely talk with drivers using one-touch communication over their existing smartphones. Because EPTT enables conversations either individually or by group, if offers privacy for sensitive conversations and reduces unnecessary chatter on the network. 

Cobb County has also chosen to adopt the Integrated Dispatch, an application that allows dispatch supervisors to monitor conversations, track the location of employees and their status, view call history data, and record conversations between drivers and dispatchers. Integrated Dispatch proved especially helpful during a major ice storm in which county officials were able to track the location of buses taking children home, stay in constant communication with drivers, and make sure that all students made it home safely.

For the full story, visit the AT&T blog at https://networkingexchangeblog.att.com/business/att-enhanced-push-talk-helps-schools-safely-transport-students/.


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