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Verizon Rolls Out Push to Talk Plus Advances

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Verizon business customers can now accomplish even more using Verizon Push to Talk Plus (PTT+), due to recently launched improvements and innovations in this near-instant communications service.

Here's a look at what's recently been rolled out for Verizon PTT+ customers.

  • Integrated Dispatch capabilities with location - Keep your geographically dispersed team on task by giving dispatchers a way to track and contact team members through the Push to Talk Plus Dispatch Console.
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  • Integrate Push to Talk with Land Mobile Radio - Connect Push to Talk Plus to Land Mobile Radio (LMR) solutions using an IP connection. That means you can expand your current LMR solution to new and larger groups of employees. All with increased reliability and less hardware.
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  • Great new rugged device - the new, award-winning Kyocera DuraForce PRO with a dedicated PTT button, for mobile workers with demanding requirements  

2017 looks to be an exciting year for Verizon Push to Talk Plus business customers!

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