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LMR Augmentation Proves Great Solution for Bechtel Construction Sites

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American City & County's recent webinar "How push-to-talk-over-cellular complements a private LMR system" included a compelling case study worth mentioning about innovation, LTE for mobile data and broadband PTT, LMR augmentation with RoIP, and how that has been creatively packaged into a great solution for construction sites.

By far the most valuable and interesting part of the webinar was when guest speaker Chris Hearn, Construction Manager, Bechtel Oil, Gas & Chemicals told the story about how he had called on AT&T to work with him to create a custom rugged LTE communications hub to solve the communications and data issues that had been a regular experience at Bechtel construction sites.

construction worker with broadband push to talkHosted by Donny Jackson of Urgent Communications, the webinar opened with on-target information about AT&T Enterprise mobile solutions from Doug Clark, National Director of Mobile Field Solutions, AT&T. Then Roman Kaluta, Customer Liaison, JPS Interoperability Solutions, Inc. explained more about LMR augmentation and how in this case it was effectively provided by the JPS RoIP link in the Bechtel solution design. 

Chris Hearn then took the floor and enthusiastically provided details and photos of his solution - these unique mobile field stations are so rugged they can be dropped into a site to provide portable LTE connectivity, data, and Enhanced Push-to-Talk (EPTT) within a 250-foot reach of the hub over Wi-Fi. The heavy-duty rolling cabinets include:

  • a laptop and large touch-screen screen display for 3D construction images; no longer is the construction crew limited to blueprints or small screens
  • Wi-Fi gear for a hotspot
  • LMR augmentation for two-way radio interoperability with EPTT users

The surrounding crew gets effective, reliable PTT communication using rugged Sonim phones. Crews have reported that audio is so good for EPTT they are using the phones without accessories.

Adoption of the new portable data vaults and EPTT has gone smoothly. It takes only about 4 to 6 weeks to train teams on the complete solution and for it to become the new norm on site. Typically, multiple portable data vaults are distributed through large construction sites for thorough coverage or for point coverage in dispersed work sites.

These rugged LTE communications hubs and EPTT devices have reduced construction crew downtime and safety risk by simplifying crew communications at the Bechtel mega project sites where they have been in use. Chris is continuing to collaborate with AT&T about extending LTE service based on advance construction site planning, to ensure the most future advantage from his portable data vaults.

You can hear Chris Hearn's live story starting at 37:34 into the webinar or start at the beginning to learn more about the technlogy. Link to webinar: http://w.on24.com/r.htm?e=1267721&s=1&k=B689675AB53DFF95A135F0A50267FE59


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