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Candid Insights on Broadband Push-to-Talk over Cellular

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American City & County hosted a recent webinar on push-to-talk-over-cellular (PoC) which provides a well-rounded forum that includes market projections based on a study done by VDC Research, candid responses from a city that has adopted PoC, and carrier-perspective comments as well. 

American City & County logoGet the facts: Why Land Mobile Radio (LMR) customers are considering push-to-talk-over-cellular (PoC) solutions


Many early push-to-talk-over-cellular (PoC) products couldn’t match the features of their Land Mobile Radio (LMR) counterparts. But the evolution of mobile broadband networks has resulted in explosive growth and adoption of broadband technology, and with it, an array of new PoC capabilities has emerged. This webinar is worth checking out, to get the scoop on the current state of PoC as seen from multiple perspectives and to learn how it can be of benefit to organizations using LMR.


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