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Ericsson Promotes PMR-PTT Interop as part of their LTE for Rail Exhibit at InnoTrans 2016

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Ericsson provided a robust demo in their LTE for Rail exhibit at InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin recently, to showcase that the company provides the foundation for connecting everything that moves on roads and rails, including their high-speed LTE infrastructure and train communications solutions connecting drivers and passengers.

Ericsson-booth-demo-with-Kodiak-PTT-InnoTrans2016Watch video of Ericsson-Kodiak-Zetron transporation demo

There’s no question that Long-Term Evolution (LTE) technology is revolutionizing communications. It increases the capacity and speed of wireless data networks and allows a redesign of the network architecture to an IP-based system that reduces transfer latency compared to 3G architecture. As a result, LTE greatly expands opportunities to obtain and use new types of data in command-and-control communications.

The rail industry is one of the first to adopt LTE technologies into their communications. LTE solutions are now being used in train-to-shore communications for multiservice applications that support train control, closed-circuit television (CCTV), voice communications, on-board Wi-Fi, and the transfer of passenger information. This is possible because of the Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities provided by the Ericsson LTE-for-Rail solution that allows the prioritization of mission-critical services with almost zero packet loss, even during peak and overload traffic conditions, and when trains are traveling at high speeds.

Kodiak Broadband Push-to-Talk (PTT) delivers real-time communications capabilities that are improving how the transportation industry moves. The fast, secure, and reliable Kodiak Broadband PTT solution interoperates with two-way radio systems, paging, and other control-center functions through the Zetron Advanced Communications (Acom) system. This interoperability makes it possible to use just one device for both PTT and mobile broadband data applications.

The combined Zetron/Kodiak Broadband PTT solution enhances operational efficiency, productivity, and safety in a number of significant ways. It allows drivers, conductors, dispatchers, coordinators, service personnel, and directors to instantly communicate and proactively address problems—whether they are carrying a two-way radio, rugged device, smartphone, or even a tablet. Talk groups can be extended to include these members. This keeps them included even when they are outside of radio system boundaries, wherever LTE or Wi-Fi is available. Broadband PTT users can also be assigned their own talk groups for team-specific roles, relieving traffic on PMR networks.

Additional enhanced PTT features include: GPS location updates; easy, centralized contact and talk-group management with instantly pushed updates to devices; an ecosystem of wired and wireless accessories appropriate for hands-free, rugged and discreet uses; and an application programming interface that provides direct integration of broadband PTT into essential mobile transportation apps. Built on the Open Mobile Alliance PoC standards (OMA-PoC) and offered as a carrier-integrated service, the Kodiak Broadband PTT available through Ericsson provides a level of performance and quality of service that “over-the-top” PTT applications simply cannot match.

Zetron’s Acom system is a fully digital switching and multiplexing platform that represents the state-of-the-art in console-dispatch technology for mission-critical communications facilities. It is able to integrate the multiple radio and telephony resources required to keep complex operations running efficiently and on time. Acom is used by transportation companies throughout the world to manage schedules, work crews, maintenance, security routines, and any changes or challenges that might affect these activities. Indeed, Acom has established a reputation for reliability and flexibility with numerous metro and regional transportation providers, including the São Paulo Metropolitan Train Company; the Moscow Metro L19 light-rail line; Victoria, Australia’s Regional Fast Rail Project; and the Public Transport Authority (PTA) in Perth, Australia. Because Acom is the industry’s most customizable system, it can be configured to meet the customer’s most exacting requirements. It offers the substantial capacity necessary to support a cost-effective expansion as traffic volumes grow and new communication technologies are deployed. What’s more, Acom is able to integrate a variety of tools and resources and present them on the console screen in customized configurations. This makes it easier for operators to coordinate key transportation activities and elements, make decisions quickly, get the right teams and individuals talking, and keep operations functioning efficiently.

The Zetron-Kodiak interoperable Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) service has been deployed in the USA on the AT&T broadband network and is available in Europe through Ericsson. In the Ericsson booth at InnoTrans 2016, the Zetron-Kodiak solutions were demonstrated on:

  • Handheld devices and PTT accessories for stand-alone PTT talk groups, 1-to-1 communications, and PMR/TETRA-PTT interoperable talk groups integrated through the Acom console
  • On-board computer (Hunter) with train-specific mobile apps

Watch video of Ericsson-Kodiak-Zetron transporation demo

Contact us to learn more about the InnoTrans 2016 demo and solution capabilities.

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