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AT&T Extends LTE PTT Service to Avtec Dispatch Consoles

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AT&T announces its Enhanced Push to Talk for LTE devices now works with Avtec's Scout dispatch consoles. This enables talk group and individual communication between LMR radio users and Enhanced Push to Talk users via the Scout console. The announcement amplifies Kodiak's focus on Broadband PTT solutions for LMR augmentation at the recent International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) 2016. Coverage for PTT is available over LTE and Wi-Fi, for nationwide extension of LMR talk groups.

Kodiak LMR Augmentation

As included in the announcement: "We're seeing more businesses looking to replace or augment their two-way radios with enhanced PTT devices," said Igor Glubochansky, executive director, AT&T Enterprise Mobility. "Our collaboration with Avtec combines best-in-class dispatch functionality with premier PTT capabilities. Companies can benefit from using broadband data applications and instant voice collaboration on a global scale. They're able to boost productivity and enhance communications anywhere they do business."


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