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Kodiak Demonstrates FirstNet-Ready LMR Augmentation at IWCE 2016

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Las Vegas, NV, March 22, 2016 ― Kodiak, a leading provider of broadband push-to-talk (PTT) solutions, announced today that it will be demonstrating its FirstNet-ready LMR augmentation and workforce productivity integration at IWCE 2016 in booth #2343 during the Expo on March 23 and 24.

Kodiak meets the FirstNet-Ready broadband PTT communications requirements:

  • MCPTT Architecture - to align with the 3GPP Mission Critical PTT (MCPTT) functional architecture and information flows
  • PCPS-compliant - to enable the rapid development and implementation of mission critical voice, video and data communications
  • High Availability, Multi-site Resilient - to deliver the five 9s availability necessary for public safety grade communications
  • LMR Interoperability - to provide seamless communication with P25 and other land mobile radio network technologies
  • FIPS 140-2 - to ensure the security of public safety voice and data communications
  • Carrier-integrated with QoS - to provide first responders with real-time prioritized access to communication resources they need

"Kodiak has architected and developed its Broadband PTT solution based upon industry standards from the beginning. As a result we have the only industry solution that matches the evolving MCPTT architecture and related signaling protocols,” said Bruce Lawler, Chief Product Officer of Kodiak. “We are also the only vendor that has proven that our standards-based solutions can operate at the scale and reliability required by FirstNet and public safety. We won’t need to rearchitect and redevelop our product to comply with the MCPTT Standard, especially as it expands to meet the needs of both public and private LMR users."

Kodiak Broadband PTT solutions provide an exceptional user experience even in the most demanding environments. Kodiak partners with the industry’s leading handset/device vendors, accessory suppliers, and dispatch console providers to provide wireless carriers a complete solution for the LMR market. These solutions are specifically designed for their effectiveness in fast-paced and demanding industries, including construction, transportation, manufacturing, utilities, security, and hospitality.

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