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Push To Talk and Lone Worker Protect increase safety and connectivity in the workplace

construction-worker-ptt-crane-vodafoneAmsterdam/Maastricht, 3 March 2016 – Vodafone introduces Push To Talk and Lone Worker Protect, two services that improve communication and safety in high-risk working environments. Push To Talk, a cloud service, enabled by Ericsson and Kodiak and paired with Vodafone’s 3G or 4G network, offers the advantages of a mobile phone and a walkie-talkie in one. Lone Worker Protect has been developed specifically for the safety of workers who carry out hazardous duties on their own. Besides cost savings, these services also offer emergency applications and communication solutions that are not available with the outdated walkie-talkie network. With these services, Vodafone especially targets industries like manufacturing, agriculture, transport, care and construction, where the risks of industrial accidents are highest.

Each year, 230,000 employees in the Netherlands sustain a workplace accident, with approximately 4% becoming permanently unfit for work. When an industrial accident happens, effective communication is crucial since a rapid incident response may limit the damage. If it is up to Vodafone, these mobile solutions will replace the old familiar walkie-talkies.

“An industrial accident has major consequences for both the employee and the company. Besides the emotional trauma for the person involved, a workplace accident has a huge financial impact on organizations. With Lone Worker Protect and Push To Talk we offer improved safety and better communication in the workplace. Eliminating risks altogether is not feasible, unfortunately, but we can drastically minimize their impact,” says Alexander Saul, director Enterprise Business Unit at Vodafone Netherlands.

Push To Talk

Immediate contact with emergency response team members in case of an evacuation, or an electrician remotely feeding a colleague with information: it is possible with Push To Talk. This cloud service, sponsored by Ericsson and Kodiak with their new generation Push To Talk technology and paired with the mobile 3G or 4G network of Vodafone Netherlands, offers the combined advantages of a mobile phone and a walkie-talkie, which means only one device is needed. Employees don’t have to enter a phone number, wait for a connection or look for someone in their contacts who is available. Immediate conference calls are another functionality of the service. During a call it is not possible for both parties to talk at the same time, the same as with a walkie-talkie.

By using additional software, companies with Push To Talk also have a full incident room application at their disposal, including an overview of GPS positions and status of their team members. The entire carrier grade service is available as an app on iOS and Android devices. Furthermore, Vodafone also offers the robust Sonim XP7, which has a dedicated Push To Talk button. 

Lone Worker Protect

Besides Push To Talk, Vodafone introduces Lone Worker Protect in combination with Sonim. This is a service that has been specifically developed for the safety of individuals who perform hazardous duties on their own. Should a construction worker, for example, lose consciousness and not respond to the timer within a certain time frame, Lone Worker Protect will notify his colleagues, the emergency control room and other emergency services. This is because the device has been equipped with special software with advanced GPS, extended battery life and integrated man down sensors that detect blows, falls, toppling, zero gravity, deceleration, acceleration and ‘no movement’. An automatic alert is promptly sent to the emergency control room informing them of the user’s GPS position.  


Push To Talk servuce is available, and the optional Push To Talk Dispatcher can also be ordered.

Lone Worker Protect is available in two versions. In the standard version, it is possible to trigger an alarm yourself by pressing the button. The advanced version with the activated sensors is also available. For all Push To Talk and Lone Worker Protect connections there is a one-time connection fee. 

Translated to English by Kodiak.


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