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Telefonica Ecuador launches push-to-talk communication technology for enterprise

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Movistar Team Talk PTTEcuador –Telefónica Business Solutions, a leading provider of a wide range of integrated communications solutions for the digital market, launches its Movistar Team Talk , a communication technology via radio , using the same device for workgroups, through which users can communicate with up to 250 contacts at once , with a single button.

This technology, developed by Kodiak Networks (on the Telefonica network), is aimed at enterprises of all sizes and offers the fastest setup call in the market, with less than 2 seconds. It is ideal for security firms, transports, agriculture, post office, etc., and all companies that work with a number of remote employees, who have to maintain constant and mass communication.

The service is being offered for the first time in the country starting this month and will initially be used with a wide variety of smartphones, functions through the use of 3G and 4G LTE networks. In addition, it also allows the use of Wi-Fi networks, which further enhances coverage and cost savings opportunities.

Through the centralized dispatch program, which is installed on a computer, you can have geolocation capabilities to locate users on a map. Also allows control and monitoring group calls. Such calls are secure and private, since the system has a high level of encryption.

The launch of these services responds to the need for companies to make their business operations more efficient and profitable. The cost of the solution is $15 per month per computer, or there are also several plans that, in addition to Team Talk, include voice minutes, SMS and megabytes navigation.

About Telefónica Business Solutions

Telefónica Business Solutions, a leading provider of a wide range of integrated communications solutions for the B2B market, manages the affairs of companies (large companies and SMEs), MNC (Multinational Corporations) Wholesaler (fixed and mobile operators, ISPs and globally content) and roaming business within the Telefonica Group. Business Solutions offers a comprehensive, innovative and competitive for the segment of B2B digital portfolio which includes solutions (M2M, Cloud, Security, e-Health and Digital Marketing) and telecommunications services (international voice, IP, capacity band broadband, satellite services, mobility and comprehensive IT services, fixed and mobile as well as global solutions). Telefónica Business Solutions is a multicultural organization conducting activities in more than 40 countries and whose services now reach more than 170 countries.


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