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Kodiak to Demonstrate Solutions for Interoperable Communications at APCO 2015 Annual Conference and Expo

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Plano, TX ― Kodiak, the leading provider of carrier-integrated broadband push-to-talk announced today demonstrations of new interoperability enhancements for its Broadband PTT solution at APCO (Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials) 2015 in Washington, DC, August 16 - 19. At APCO, Kodiak and its partners will demonstrate standards-based interfaces that provide seamless communications between its Broadband PTT solution and land mobile radio (LMR) networks and dispatch console systems.

At APCO, Kodiak will showcase its implementation of the P25 Inter-RF Sub-system Interface (ISSI) with the VESTA™ Radio solution in the Airbus DS Communications booth (#1333). Demonstrations will highlight that, with ISSI, the Airbus DS Communications VESTA™ Radio P25 network views Broadband PTT users the same as any other P25 LMR user, following the same registration process and providing the same standards-based communications capabilities (group calling, individual calling and call alerting). ISSI also provides Broadband PTT users with unprecedented access to users on all other networks, P25 LMR or push-to-talk over cellular, connected via ISSI to a VESTA Radio network.

In addition to the ISSI demonstration, Kodiak will be in the Zetron booth (#1323) to demonstrate how the P25 Console Sub-system Interface (CSSI) makes it possible for Kodiak-powered push-to-talk (PTT) users and dispatchers to communicate directly. Visitors to the Zetron booth will see how CSSI enables reliable, instant group and one-to-one communications, as well as call alerting between the Kodiak Broadband PTT solution and the Acom dispatch console.

Visitors to the Kyocera booth (#2202) will also see how the Kodiak carrier-integrated solution supports PTT communications over 4G/LTE, 3G, and Wi-Fi networks. With the Kodiak-powered push-to-talk service and Kyocera’s market leading waterproof and rugged devices, carrier mobile subscribers enjoy instantaneous group and one-to-one communications at the push of a button, wherever they may be and whichever network they are on.

“Interoperability has always been at the core of our push-to-talk solution, this is why Kodiak Broadband PTT enables direct, seamless communication between push-to-talk users on cellular networks and those on LMR networks,” said Bruce Lawler, Chief Product Officer of Kodiak. “Our tightly integrated implementation of CSSI and ISSI is a continuation of that commitment, providing the standards-compliant interfaces needed for high performance LMR interoperability and cost-effective growth of LMR networks with Kodiak Broadband PTT.”

About Kodiak

The leading provider of standards-based broadband Push-to-Talk, Kodiak delivers clear, reliable, sub-second calling performance with LMR interoperability over 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and 3G networks. The Kodiak solution allows organizations to cost-effectively scale their LMR networks, add users, extend coverage, and access broadband data capabilities. The Kodiak-powered platform supports a robust partner ecosystem including iOS, Android handsets/tablets, ruggedized devices, dispatch consoles, accessories, and enterprise productivity applications. Kodiak has the largest carrier-integrated PTT network footprint in the world, with deployments across a number of carriers in North America, Latin America, and Europe, including AT&T, Bell Canada, KPN, Telefónica, and Verizon. For more information, contact press@kodiakptt.com.


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