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AT&T adds Enhanced PTT page to its website

Last week AT&T added an Enhanced PTT information page as a plan feature to the Business Center website. The page outlines the key benefits and features that their PTT solution will provide to its existing and migrating customers, like…  Continues >

End of U.S. iDEN-based PTT will be June 30, 2013

Sprint Nextel has put a death date of June 30, 2013 on its obsolete iDEN network, which means millions of its U.S. Push-to-Talk customers are being forced to migrate to another PTT solution. In fact, Sprint has already…  Continues >

Enhanced Push-to-Talk Demonstration at CTIA 2012

We had incredible interest for Enhanced PTT at CTIA 2012 this year, and it was a great show for us. We put together this short video montage of some footage from the show floor which includes a short E-PTT demo…  Continues >

Why Fast Call Setup is important in PTT

The main attraction of a PTT solution over a regular cell call is the fast call setup in PTT. While a normal cell call setup is around 15 seconds, PTT users expect instant call setup in the region of 1-2 seconds. In public safety…  Continues >

Top 4 Benefits of using PTT Over a Cell Call

Push to Talk (PTT) is a simple and unique way of communicating instantly, efficiently and inexpensively with one or more contacts. There are several benefits of using PTT over…  Continues >