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KPN Launches 3G and 4G LTE Push-to-Talk service in the Netherlands powered by Kodiak.

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KPN Push to Talk

KPN, the largest wireless provider in the Netherlands, announced today (English translation) that it has launched its new Push-to-Talk service built atop Ericsson's cloud and powered by Kodiak Networks. The PTT service will utilize KPN's extensive mobile 3G and 4G LTE network.

KPN's PTT service is being offered in two option:


  • Up to 15 contacts per PTT user
  • One group

Push-to-Talk Pro

  • Up to 1300 contacts per PTT user
  • 130 groups, up to 250 users per group per PTT user
  • Central Management Tool

Additionally, with the Push to Talk Pro plan, Push to Talk Dispatcher can be added to help organizations manage and coordinate their remote workforce with greater efficiency.

Overview of KPN Push to Talk powered by Kodiak


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