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Kodiak Networks and Think-A-Move Milicom Partner on Next Generation 2-in-1 Phone and Push-to-Talk Headset for Broad Device Compatibility across Kodiak-powered PTT solutions

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Think-A-Move Milicom 2-in-1 Phone and PTT Headset now Kodiak-powered and Shipping

Milicom HeadsetKodiak Networks, Inc. and Think-A-Move, Ltd. (TAM) Milicom announce their partnership to provide next-generation 2-in-1 Call and PTT headsets for maximum productivity and effectiveness for all users using the broadest set of phones and tablets on Kodiak-powered services. Milicom's patented U.S. designed and manufactured in-ear microphone headsets are developed for the rigors of battlefield conditions. This disruptive technology is now available in our innovative headsets for commercial application in tailored configurations delivering unrivaled critical communications capability for all users and operators serving many industries including hospitality, security, public safety, and warehousing and manufacturing.

The TAM Milicom 2-in-1 Phone and PTT Headset is specifically designed for applications that require clear audio with high voice quality and low profile hands-free operation using Kodiak-powered Push-to-Talk services. This combination of features uniquely serves key markets with inherent noise challenges including hospitality, industrial, manufacturing, transportation, construction, public safety, security, patrol, healthcare, surveillance, or covert applications that require instant communications capability to maximize user productivity.

"Kodiak Networks is very pleased to partner with Milicom to deliver our new 2-in-1 Phone and PTT-enabled headsets," said Bruce Lawler, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Kodiak Networks. "Milicom's focus on superior voice quality allows users to transmit and receive our industry-leading voice quality in all conditions, including high noise and high wind."

"Partnering with Kodiak Networks allows us to offer a fully integrated Kodiak-powered headset across the broadest set of devices on Kodiak-powered PTT solutions," said Jim Harris, President, Milicom. "With our Military background and patented in-ear voice capture technology, we are able to deliver clear speech in nearly every setting, including noisy and windy environments. We are committed to solving user problems across demanding industries and enabling high-quality voice communications that require hands-free, instant communications for everyday business, mission critical, covert and often high-risk environments." Today, Milicom offers its 2-in-1 Phone and PTT-enabled headsets for Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy series of phones, and Galaxy Tab, the Apple iPhone and iPad, and Sonim devices powered by Kodiak.

About Think-A-Move Milicom

Think-A-Move, Ltd. (TAM) and Milicom, a TAM division which markets and sells headsets, were founded in 2002 to address the needs of the military and industrial customers seeking innovative, robust user interface solutions which provide a front end platform for mobile communications and speech command and control. Milicom's heritage in radio communication headsets employ its patented in-ear voice capture technology for clear communication and improved speech intelligibility — in everyday settings and including noisy or windy environments. When used with the Milicom headset, the innovative TAM SPEAR speech recognition and control software platform, enables unrivaled speech capture solutions and speech device control in the most demanding conditions. TAM and Milicom count the military, government, and key industrial partnerships as its customers. For more information please contact Think-A-Move, Ltd. or press@tamrd.com.

TAM Milicom — HEAR EVERY WORD WHEN IT MATTERS MOST — http://www.tamrd.com

About Kodiak Networks, Inc.

Kodiak Networks is recognized and respected globally as the leading LTE Push-to-Talk service provider to mobile operators. Today, Kodiak has the largest cloud-based PTT network footprint in the world, with deployments across a number of carriers in North America, Latin America, and Europe, including AT&T, Bell Canada, Telefonica and Verizon. For more information please visit Kodiak Networks, Push to Talk by Kodiak or contact press@kodiaknetworks.com.

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